Müba Naturfa Kft offers a unique bespoke service for clients based on their own individual design using soft or hard wood to manufacture hand crafted high quality furniture. Whether the furniture is traditional or modern in design, for the domestic or commercial setting, we can manufacture furniture to your design using either your photos or drawings. We will supply you with high quality handmade bespoke products using only the highest quality materials, whether it is for a single item or a complete refurbishment from beautiful dining tables to stunning beds, you name it we can make it.

During the order and design process we pay full attention to our customer’s requirements as it is very important for us to be able to manufacture the furniture that is required. Some of our customers provide us with photos, sketches or technical drawings of what they require. Our experts are also happy to make recommendations on the type of wood, the colour and the most suitable finish (i.e. matt or varnished).

Once the customer has finalised the type of wood that they wish to be used, whether it is soft or hard wood, it will be carefully selected by us ensuring that we only use the best materials for the commissioned work. Our suppliers are carefully chosen and mainly local so that we have the greatest level of control over the supply of materials and good working relationships. We have had a long and close business relationship for many years with the local timber merchant who offers the highest quality materials. They carefully source the very best timbers that grow in the temperate areas of Europe.

All our furniture is made in our three fully equipped workshops in Algyo, Hungary. All stages of the manufacturing process are carefully monitored by our expert staff. Starting with the wood preparation followed by the manufacturing and then the assembling process. Every single piece of furniture is checked with meticulous attention to detail before it gets to the packaging stage. Making sure that we achieve and produce furniture to the highest quality standards, which will be maintained throughout the project. This ensures that you will take delivery of a beautifully handcrafted piece of furniture.